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Ferguson Corporation Today

George Ferguson, Sr. with "Rachel" c. 1965

Ferguson Corporation was founded in 1946 by George William Ferguson, Sr.  Located in Baltimore, Maryland, it has been a full-line automotive equipment distributor for over 60 years. The family owned company is moving into its third generation of Fergusons focusing on not only the sales and maintenance of the equipment they sell, but customer care as well.

To the right is “Poppy” with Rachel, our security system at the time.The present Ferguson generation remembers how they used to come down to the office on weekends with “Poppy” and their father to let the dogs out for a walk and to feed them.

Our Early Years as Ferguson Corporation

Our Early Years as Ferguson Corporation

Our team of employees represent over 200 years of experience in the automotive equipment business. In addition to sales and service, Ferguson Corporation offers delivery, installation, training and inspection. We look forward to a bright future of service and experience in this ever changing industry.

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